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INGLOT…Go on and Get Ya’ Some


Being based in the Southeast part of VA, new cosmetic and skincare lines can often go without being known about in this area. Also, unless people are searching online all day, living in larger cities shopping for makeup, or makeup professionals, it’s hard to find out about newer lines. Summer did the earlier post about Illamasqua which is a huge line overseas and has made it’s way to the US without hardly any regular consumers really knowing about it.  Inglot Cosmetics is the same way.  It’s an extremely fantastic line which is on it’s way up to being up at the top with such lines as MAC and Makeup Forever.

Inglot has actually been around for 25 years, which is a lot longer than some larger lines that we know of.  The line was actually started by Wojtek Inglot who was a chemist that wanted to start a cosmetic line with reasonable prices and quality ingredients and suppliers.

Working with makeup artists and people in the industry, they’ve developed innovative colors, textures, and a fantastic palette system called their Freedom System, where you can literally pick almost any shadow, lipstick, face powder, blush, concealer and make you own palette.  This is a makeup artist’s dream! It makes it super easy and compact to keep that kit nice and organized.  When I was behind the counter, I had a lot of customers ask about palettes and a lot of the time they could only be found around the holidays.  This is your answer ladies and gents.

Not only do they carry everything you could ever want in a cosmetic line, they developed an innovative Nail Enamel which is breathable which promotes better nail health.

Worldwide there are 240 retail locations and only 5 here in the US.  You can order their products online at and learn about their products on their site They also allow you to make phone orders through their 5 US stores, which I think is great if you have to ask questions or need some opinions.

Summer and I met the wonderful people who were basically the who’s who of Inglot at The Makeup Show and we couldn’t stay away.  Of course not only did we love them, we LOVE the product.  The second day of the makeup show, my whole face was basically Inglot and I absolutely loved it.  I will review the products I purchased in another post.

The above pic shows a chaotic Inglot counter and Summer playing in the shadows.  The pic below is me wearing the 2 eyeshadows and the middle blush as well as some not pictured shimmery face powder on the second day of the show.  Don’t mind my parted bangs.

I can truly say I am extremely excited about this line and am eager to purchase more.  I will be visiting their Times Square store when I go back to visit a friend in NY in June.

Go on check them out and don’t hesitate to get ya’ some! Trust us you will NOT be sorry!!



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  1. GASPS…I need to go!

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